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The Melanesian Mission Collection

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Wooden War Club
A wooden war club with a handle and a pointed tip. Below the tip are three protrusions. A fourth has been lost. Above the protrustions to the tip are several parallel indents coloured orange.

Wooden laplap Knife
A wooden laplap knife with a looped handle and raised curved bars in the middle. The blade has a faint drawing of a human figure.

Coconut Scratcher
A coconut scratcher made of a plank of light coloured wood with a darker surface. A metal bar with a raised, jagged lip is screwed into the wood. An ink mark on the side of the wood reads 'For shredding 1/2 coconut'.

Decorated laplap Knife
A Torres Island laplap knife made of a thin dark wood. The handle has been decorated with geometric patterns and painted white and brown.

Wooden laplap Knife
A Torres Island laplap knife made of a thin light wood. The handle has carved decoration around the edge

laplap Knife
A Torres Island laplap knife made of a dark wood with raised bars in the middle of the knife.

Fishing hook
A fishing hook made of bone. One piece of bone is straight with an indent at the tip. A second darker hooked piece is attached to the other with coconut fibre string.

Wooden Hair Comb
A light wood hair comb. The wood is visibly damaged. One tooth of the comb has been broken off.

Fully Curved Boar Tusk
A fully curved boar tusk, discoloured white with dark striations on the outer circle. The tip of the inner circle has been broken off.

Armlets made of dark fibre. Small shell discs have been woven into patterns on the fibre.
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