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A curved section of a coconut shell has been attached to a cylindrical piece of wood that forms a handle.

A smooth and shiny egg-shaped Cowry shell. This shell has light coloured spots on the surface with unpatterned brown outer rim.

A curved coconut shell spoon

L-TMM-0018 (2).JPG
Half a shell of a coconut with a pointed arrow-shaped handle. There are visible indents on the outside of the shell.

L-TMM-0017 (2).JPG
A dark hollow coconut shell with visible indents and a hole at the top. A rope made of fibre has been wrapped around it to serve as a way to carry the drinking vessel around.


A chevron patterned strip of fibre with frayed ends from Santa Cruz Island. The chevron pattern is black dyed fibre.

A woven bag with a handle. There is a chevron pattern in two sections with black dyed fibre

A narrow woven mat from the Banks Island that has incorporated a designed using purple-red dyed fibre. The edges are frayed

A woven mat where parts have been dyed purple-red to create stripes and geometric patterns, with an open weave at the ends

String from Vanua Lava, Banks Islands, made of brown fibre
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