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Takedown Policy

The Sir Joseph Banks Society acknowledges its responsibility to maintain a publicly available digital archive. If you believe an item featured in the digital archive should not be displayed, please contact support@joseph-banks.org.uk and include the following details:

A receipt of your request will be issued with the acknowledgement that we will handle your request with respect and good sense.

Your request will follow the same procedure regardless of the nature of the complaint:

  1. The complainant is notified of the request being received
  2. The object is removed from display, both digitally and physically, pending further investigation
  3. The request is reviewed by the Museum Advisory Board
  4. If necessary, the Museum Advisory Board will work with the complainant to find a solution
  5. The Museum Advisory Board will endeavour to make the final decision in 10 working days
  6. If the complainant disagrees with the decision made, the request will be taken to the Board of Trustees who will have the final say

We expect one of the following outcomes at the end of the process:

  1. Objects will be permanently removed but not destroyed, in accordance with the SJBS Object Exit Policy
  2. Objects that are permanently removed will be available to access by researchers upon request in accordance with the SJBS mission statement
  3. Object will be placed back on display with reworked interpretation
  4. Object will be placed back on display as it was prior to the takedown request

We ask that the same complaint is not made more than once by the same complainant. This is to ensure that the society does not feel pressured to remove an object and go against its mission statement.


The Society asserts title in all collections and will formally agree copyright terms with the holders. Absolute ownership of the object belongs to the society after the acquisition along with any copyright held by the owner (SJBS, 2020). If you believe this is not the case for a particular item, please contact support@joseph-banks.org.uk

Cultural Sensitivity

The Society acknowledges the importance of cultural sensitivity and indigenous rights and understands that it may unintentionally reflect the values of the dominant society which can exclude ethnic minorities.

The Society exhibits objects from indigenous cultures as part of an evolving relationship between the Society and Pacific Islanders. We carefully consider which objects are displayed and how these objects are interpreted. If you disagree with the decisions made by the Society, please contact support@joseph-banks.org.uk