Clay Pottery Bowls


Two clay pottery bowls from the South Pacific. The bowls are reddish-brown with risen wavy detailing on the outside.

Kava Bowl

LPAR-0002 (1).JPG

A carved wooden kava bowl with two handles on the side and four legs. The bowl has surface scratches.

Stone hand tools

LPAR-0003 (6).JPG

Two rounded dark stone hand tools from the island of Ambae in Vanuatu

Nutshell anklets

LPAR-0004B (1).JPG

Two anklets made of twine and nutshells. The shells are dried and have openings.

Replica headdress sculpture

LPAR-0005 (12).JPG

A carved wooden and painted sculpture of a headdress. The headdress is painted with geometric shapes and lines in black, white and red.

Wooden War Club

L-TMM-0001 (2).JPG

A wooden war club with a handle and a pointed tip. Below the tip are three protrusions. A fourth has been lost. Above the protrustions to the tip are…

Wooden laplap Knife


A wooden laplap knife with a looped handle and raised curved bars in the middle. The blade has a faint drawing of a human figure.

Coconut Scratcher


A coconut scratcher made of a plank of light coloured wood with a darker surface. A metal bar with a raised, jagged lip is screwed into the wood. An…